origins of BüDDHACHiLD

origins of BüDDHACHiLD

By Wyatt Sommer

what can i really say?

it started with drawing ancient characters for fun. it turned into designing hundreds of modern and ancient-inspired looks on paper and iPad.

i really just love to draw clothes, and after drawing so many looks i naturally desired to bring some of these drawings to life - creating tangible collections. 

i started working under the brand name of humanhoodWORLD® in 2023. but it wasn't until 2024 that things really started moving. in june of 2024 i changed the name of the brand to BüDDHACHiLD.

it's an ongoing process of finding new inspirations, learning from past creations, and creating new things daily. i'm trying to love both the ups and the downs along the way.

at the time of writing this, i'm in the process of finding local (Colorado) small-batch manufacturers. working with two sample makers, as well as learning how to make samples myself. also looking into investing in a facility that can house this creative endeavor. 

the goal is to have a vertically-integrated clothing business. i want to grow all the plants and raise all the animals that give us the materials needed for making our clothes, mill it, weave and knit the fabrics, and design and manufacture in-house.

that's a long-term goal. in the short-term i just want to locally make (or make myself) a small collection of about 12 looks, and show them to the world. 

stay tuned to see what comes. PEACE.