name change

name change

By Wyatt Sommer

i decided to change the name of this brand from humanhoodWORLD to BUDDHA CHILD.

the reason for the change is that humanhoodWORLD is just too long of a name and when i say it to people i feel like they don’t really get it. BUDDHA CHILD just rolls off the tongue and it’s shorter. 

also i’m a buddhist and i want to make this brand more about promoting the teachings of the buddha. not that you need to adhere to the teaching of the buddha to enjoy the clothing that this brand creates. i just want to do what i can to spread the words of buddha. also if you partake in any other religions it should be okay to still appreciate the buddha because he’s not a God and buddhism is not really a religion, it’s more of an approach to find happiness. i would never suggest that you need to change your beliefs, and honestly whatever the buddha says is pretty much the same gist as what most religions say, which is simply to act right and be a good human. so yea….

i’ll also probably be using the acronym BCC for Buddha Child Clothing. 

anyways, obviously the clothes i’ve already made are still going to say humanhood or humanhoodWORLD, and some things on this website will still say humanhood until i change them, but going forward i’ll be using the new name on the clothing and on the website. so no more humanhoodWORLD. it was a cool name but it’s time for a change….


okay i think that’s all i need to say…. peace!