making the utopia hoody

making the utopia hoody

By Wyatt Sommer

the utopia hoody ---

an organic cotton french terry black hoody.

the design on this was done in procreate. the front side uses radial symmetry to create an interesting looking pattern (screen printed in white) with a humanhoodWORLD® star over the top (embroidered in blue).

the screen-print/embroidery shop initially said they couldn't do an embroidery over a screen print, but they reconsidered and gave it a shot, and it came out great.

the back features a screen print of a landscape drawing i did on procreate. plus the text "humanhood WORLD constructing utopia together, as one" where "WORLD" and "together, as one" are embroidered in royal blue thread and the other words are screen printed in white.

i'm really pleased with how this hoody turned out. it's always cool seeing my ideas come out of my head and enter into the world. 

utopia hoody available here.